Hepatic Regeneration and Partial Hepatectomy: Observations in General Surgery Practice

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Dr Nagalla Raghavendra , Dr R. G. Naniwadekar , Dr K V Padmavathi


This study aimed to assess the relationship between the regeneration index (RIx) and the completeness of regeneration of remnant liver volume (RLV) in relation to liver fibrotic stages, resected liver parenchymal volumes (RLPV), and long-term survival outcomes in patients undergoing general surgical procedures for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cirrhosis. Sixty-two patients with HCC underwent regular CT volumetry assessments post-partial hepatectomy over a period of up to 17 months. The RIx of the remnant liver was determined using a specific formula at different time points. Patients were stratified based on fibrotic stages and RLPV as a percentage of total liver volume (TLV). Mean RIx and completeness of regeneration at 17 months of RLV were compared across these subgroups. Results indicated a decline in mean RIx with increasing fibrotic stages, while it rose with higher percentages of RLPV to TLV. RIx peaked around 1-month post-hepatectomy and then stabilized, particularly in patients with severe liver fibrosis or minor hepatic volume resection. However, there were no significant differences in long-term disease-free survival and overall survival outcomes between subgroups with high (≥50 percent) and low (<50 percent) RIx. Liver regeneration in cirrhotic livers was essentially completed within 4 months post-hepatectomy, with RIx demonstrating no correlation with long-term survival outcomes for HCC patients undergoing general surgical interventions.

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Dr K V Padmavathi, D. N. R. , D. R. G. N. ,. (2024). Hepatic Regeneration and Partial Hepatectomy: Observations in General Surgery Practice . Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1068–1074. Retrieved from http://obstetricsandgynaecologyforum.com/index.php/ogf/article/view/422

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