1. Innovations in Global Health: Integrating Medicine and Public Health
This special issue explores groundbreaking approaches and interventions that bridge the gap between medicine and public health on a global scale. Authors are invited to contribute multidisciplinary research that showcases innovative strategies for addressing health challenges in diverse populations.

2. Precision Medicine and Personalized Healthcare: Bridging Disciplines for Better Patient Outcomes
Focused on the intersection of precision medicine and public health, this issue welcomes papers that delve into tailored treatment approaches, molecular diagnostics, and the integration of individualized health data to enhance patient care and public health initiatives.

3. Intersection of Epidemiology and Clinical Practice: Advancing Medicine and Public Health
Highlighting the pivotal connection between epidemiological research and clinical practice, this special issue encourages submissions that explore how epidemiological findings translate into improved medical interventions, emphasizing the synergy between research and practical applications.

4. Digital Health Revolution: Integrating Technology into Medical and Public Health Research
Addressing the transformative role of digital health technologies, this issue seeks contributions that showcase the integration of artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and health informatics into both medical practice and public health programs.

5. One Health Approach: Uniting Medicine, Veterinary Science, and Public Health
This special issue focuses on the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. Authors are encouraged to submit research that demonstrates the collaborative efforts in addressing health challenges through a holistic One Health approach.

6. Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Prevention and Treatment
With a focus on infectious diseases, this issue invites contributions that offer a multidisciplinary perspective on understanding, preventing, and treating emerging infectious diseases. Topics may include epidemiology, clinical interventions, and public health responses.

7. Translational Medicine: Bridging the Gap between Bench and Bedside in Public Health
This issue explores the translation of scientific discoveries into practical applications for patient care and public health. Submissions should highlight successful translational efforts, fostering a stronger connection between laboratory research and real-world health outcomes.

8. Social Determinants of Health: Exploring the Interplay Between Medicine and Public Health
Examining the impact of social determinants on health outcomes, this special issue welcomes research that investigates how medical interventions can address and mitigate the effects of social factors, promoting health equity.

9. Integrative Approaches to Chronic Disease Management: From Bench to Community
Focusing on chronic disease management, this issue calls for research that integrates bench-side discoveries with community-based interventions, emphasizing holistic approaches to address the complexities of chronic conditions.

10. Health Equity and Access: A Comprehensive Examination of Medicine and Public Health
This special issue aims to unravel the intricate relationship between health equity and access. Authors are invited to explore interventions and policies that promote equal access to healthcare and improve health outcomes for underserved populations.

11. Environmental Medicine: Investigating the Impact of Environmental Factors on Public Health
Exploring the intersection of environmental factors and health, this issue invites research that investigates the impact of pollutants, climate change, and other environmental influences on both medicine and public health outcomes.

12. Interdisciplinary Solutions for Aging Populations: Medicine, Gerontology, and Public Health
Addressing the challenges posed by aging populations, this special issue encourages submissions that offer interdisciplinary solutions for promoting healthy aging, disease prevention, and improved quality of life among elderly individuals.

13. Mental Health Across the Lifespan: Integrating Psychiatry and Public Health Perspectives
Focused on mental health, this issue seeks contributions that integrate psychiatric insights with public health perspectives. Authors are encouraged to explore innovative approaches for prevention, intervention, and destigmatization of mental health issues.

14. Advancements in Telemedicine: Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Public Health
With a spotlight on telemedicine, this special issue welcomes research that explores the advancements, challenges, and impact of telehealth technologies on healthcare delivery and public health outcomes.

15. Big Data in Medicine and Public Health: Leveraging Information for Improved Healthcare Strategies
Highlighting the role of big data in healthcare, this issue invites contributions that explore the use of large datasets for medical research, clinical decision-making, and public health strategies, showcasing the potential of data-driven approaches in shaping the future of healthcare.