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Vivek Trivedi, Dr. Chithra RA, Kaushal Kishore Sharma
Dr. Savitha GR, Tania Sharma



Background: Children suffering from Down syndrome generally progress and learn at a slower rate in comparison to the other children. A particular type of behavioural and cognitive pattern has been observed that is different from typical developing children. Children having Down syndrome are generally very sociable and friendly and they like to enjoy being with their peers. It is difficult for them to be socially active and interact with the surrounding people because of having a low mental ability. Therefore, ReAttach therapy can make a positive and strong connection with the parents or friend that can minimise their disabilities of social interaction.

Method: Realism research philosophy has been selected for conducting the study along with deductive research approach and descriptive research design. All the necessary information has been collected from secondary sources such as websites, books, journals and they are analysed by a thematic study. Therefore, a secondary qualitative method is the select data analysis method.

Result: Children’s mental development improves with social skills therapy (SST), especially for those with developmental delays or Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome who get early intervention and take part in SST are shown to have better mental skills. The cognitive and social growth of children with Down syndrome could be assisted by dolphin-assisted treatment (DAT). Children experiencing Down syndrome frequently develop delays in language and speech growth, and establishing speech and language therapy is a vital need for them. They could have difficulty speaking due to problems with phonological loops and oral-motor skills.

Conclusion: Studying the different therapies such as SST, DAT or speech and language therapy it can be possible to build a positive change among children having Down syndrome.

Abbreviations: “Social Skills Therapy (SST)”, “Dolphin-Assisted Treatment (DAT)”, “Down Syndrome (DS)”

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Kaushal Kishore Sharma, V. T. D. C. R., & Tania Sharma, D. S. G. (2024). REATTACH THERAPY FOR IMPROVING SOCIAL SKILLS IN CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1267–1272. Retrieved from

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