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Arockia Selvi A, Hema V H, Jayashree Ashok


Objective: The primary objective of this study is to assess the improvement inSocial skills and Core academic achievement of children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) after Earlyintevention Techniques. Introduction: Among Indian schoolchildren, specific learning disabilities are common, and are often unnoticed. There are a variety of challenges associated with SLD when it comes to processing language, including difficulties with understanding, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, and math. In order to meet the needs of diverse students, educational systems must adopt a comprehensive approach. Methods: By using a purposive sampling technique, 200 participants were equally divided into control and experimental groups. In this study, to assess the social skills we used a tool developed by Dr. Ganesh to measure students academic skills, behavioral issues, and social skills for students with dyslexia. In order to assess the core academic achievements of individuals with learning disabilities, the NIMHANS assessment for Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) is used. Results: During the intervention, an assessment of social skills and core academic achievement aimed to distinguish between children with learning disabilities. In the pre-test, the experimental group exhibited a social skills score of 50.58 ± 4.69, surpassing the control group's score of 36.58 ± 2.68. Following the intervention, the experimental group's mean scores showed significant improvement (50.87 ± 4.82, 54.34 ± 5.18, and 63.73 ± 7.24). In the pretest, the experimental group achieved a mean base academic score of 32.01 ± 1.267, while the control group's mean score was 31.01 ± 1.418. Post-intervention, the experimental group's mean scores increased to 36.27 ± 5.303, 42.1 ± 12.63, and 51.33 ± 16.07, with the control group's scores rising to 33.39 ± 2.155, 37.8 ± 5.529, and 40.17 ± 7.53. In independent t-tests, the experimental group significantly improved on post-tests 1, 2, and 3 of core academic achievements, highlighting the impact of social skills and academic achievements. Conclusion: Early intervention significantly improved academic achievement in children with learning disabilities, leading to enhanced social skills. The correlation between improved academics and better social skills highlights their interconnected nature.

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Jayashree Ashok, A. S. A. H. V. H. (2024). IMPACT OF EARLY INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES ON CHILDREN WITH SLD IN SOCIAL SKILLS AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 78–84. Retrieved from

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