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Zahraa Salih Jabir Al-Kadher, Bassim Abdullah Jassim Al-khuzae


Abstract: The aim of study to investigate the some histological differences of pancreatic tissue between mature males of indigenous rabbit and cat, the study carry out twenty mature healthy indigenous rabbit and cat of male sexes were euthanized and later dissected in order to collect the selected organs, the samples of the selected organs were processed routinely to prepare histological sections and stained by general and special stains. Histologically, The pancreas were covered by a connective tissue capsule which appear thicker in rabbit than in cat. The connective tissue capsules extended into parenchyma of pancreas forming septa which dividing pancreas parenchyma in to many lobules. In both species the pancreas is composed of both endocrine and exocrine Portions. There were multiple acini (serous tubuloacinar form) and a duct system in the exocrine section, which characterized by Islets of Langerhans. In the two species were found similar branched ducts but with some histological differences. In both, it was started with centroacinar cells, which connected with intercalated ducts that were lined with a flattened cuboidal epithelium (were circular, narrow lumen but it look more regular in rabbit than cat). The latter converged to form interlobular ducts lined with columnar epithelium, in guinea pig, ducts showed goblet cells and subepithelial mucous glands. intralobular ducts were lined by simple squamous to cuboidal epithelium, while in rabbit were surrounded by secretory acini, in cat it is surrounded by connective tissue septa and have thin muscle layers surrounding the connective tissue. In both species the endocrine part consisted of islets of Langerhans that is scattered in various shapes and sizes in the exocrine part throughout the acini, these islets were composed from alpha (α) and beta (β) cells Delta (δ) cells.


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Bassim Abdullah Jassim Al-khuzae, Z. S. J. A.-K. (2024). HISTOLOGICAL COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PANCREAS GLAND BETWEEN INDIGENOUS RABBIT (ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS) AND CAT (FELIS CATUS DOMESTICUS) . Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 2272–2277. Retrieved from http://obstetricsandgynaecologyforum.com/index.php/ogf/article/view/682