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Nisreen mohee Mohammed, Atta Ah Mousa Al-Sarray, Jawad Kidhim Al Diwin



Background : Hypothyroidism is a medical condition marked by inadequate secretion of vital hormones by the thyroid gland, which are crucial for optimal metabolic function in the body. Untreated hypothyroidism, especially when it is readily apparent, can result in substantial harm to multiple organ systems, both in the short-term and long-term.

Objectives: to study clinical profile of patients with hypothyroidism  .

Patients and Methods: The study was conducted at the diabetes and endocrinology center in Murjan Hospital, which is located in Hilla City/ Iraq . It was a cross-sectional study. The study included a sample of 270 patients. Data was collected over five months by using a standardized questionnaire.

Results: The study shows that a higher proportion of hypothyroidism in females were  94.1%. with the highest percentage of 29.6% being aged 40–49, 75.6% of participants live in urban areas, 75.9% were unemployed, most participants 89.6were married, and 54.8% had family history. Poly menorrhea was a common menstrual disorder (48,6%), followed by amenorrhea (47.3%) . The most prevalent signs and symptoms among patients with hypothyroidism are tiredness, which affects 87.0% of individuals, and hair loss, which affects 71.9%. The incidence rates of slow movement, weight gain, dry skin, cold sensitivity, and constipation are 68.1%, 64.1%, 61.1%, 60.0%, and 49.3%, respectively. Diabetes mellitus is considered the most common comorbidity (25.9%), followed by hypertension 13.3%. 32.2% of BMI of hypothyroidism were obese .regarding to waist to hip ratio 54.8% were at risk .the prevalence poly ovary cystic syndrome in hypothyroidism female was 17.7% and prevalence erectile dysfunction in hypothyroid male was 87.5%. 

Conclusion: Hypothyroidism is more common in females 94.1%, with poly menorrhea  being the most frequent menstrual disturbances48.6%,and also concluded hypothyroidism correlated with obesity . its consider risk factor for erectile dysfunction in male and polycystic ovary syndrome in female. 


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