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Vinayak Shitole, Dr. Pratap Desai, Suraj Sharma
Dr.Shrikant Waghulkar, Tabrej Mulla, Swapnali Bhosale


Abstract: This study investigates the perceived impact of wine consumption on menstrual wellbeing among female consumers, aiming to fill a significant gap in current research on women's health and lifestyle factors. Wine, known for its diverse compositions including antioxidants like resveratrol, presents a unique context for exploring potential health benefits in the realm of menstrual health. The research hypothesizes that higher frequencies and quantities of wine consumption, as well as different types of wine, positively influence perceived menstrual health (PIMH). It examines whether positive perceptions of menstrual health are associated with overall menstrual wellbeing (MWB), moderated by age, overall health status, lifestyle factors, and stress levels. The study employs a mixed-methods approach. Quantitative data are gathered through structured surveys assessing wine consumption habits and menstrual health perceptions among a diverse sample of female wine consumers. Qualitative insights are collected via in-depth interviews to provide contextual understanding and enrich quantitative findings. Statistical analyses include regression models to examine the relationships between wine consumption patterns, perceived menstrual health, and overall wellbeing, while moderation analyses explore the influence of demographic and lifestyle variables. The findings of this research aim to contribute nuanced insights into how wine consumption patterns may impact women's subjective experiences of menstrual health. Such insights are critical for informing healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and women themselves about potential health implications associated with wine consumption. Ultimately, this study seeks to promote informed decision-making regarding dietary choices and lifestyle factors that can support menstrual wellbeing among female wine consumers, highlighting the importance of personalized health recommendations tailored to individual needs and preferences.


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Suraj Sharma, V. S. D. P. D., & Swapnali Bhosale, D. W. T. M. (2024). THE PERCEIVED IMPACT OF WINE ON MENSTRUAL WELLBEING: A STUDY OF FEMALE WINE CONSUMERS. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1740–1750. Retrieved from

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