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Liu Xiaoying, Mohd Zaki Awa Isa, Mohd. Mizanur Rahman



There is a high prevalence of dry eyes in the Chinese population, affecting 21-30% of the population. It is believed that many factors contribute to dry eye disease. The majority of medical staff work indoors with air conditioning and are employed long hours. Furthermore, some of them need to work in front of digital device to dealing with computer, smart phone, these factors could lead them more easily to having Dry Eye Disease (DED). This study evaluates the prevalence of dry eye symptoms among medical staff in Chongqing, China. This study adopted a quantitative Randomized method and involved medical staff from Chongqing, China. participants were asked to complete an online questionnaire survey in November 2023. The SPSS will used to analyse the data. A total of 325 participants participated in this study. In this study,71% of participants feel eye fatigue, 56% have the feeling of dryness, 50% of participants feel itching, 24% feel gritty, 23% feel blurry.The value of the correlation coefficient between feeling dry eyes symptoms and feeling eye fatigue was 0.673 which was significant at 0.01 level. The correlation coefficient between dry eye sensation and gender was 0.050, with a p-value of 0.373>0.05. The correlation coefficients of screen time, myopia, astigmatism, and dry eye were 0.147, 0.200, and 0.116 respectively. It shows that more than half of the medical staff participants feel eye fatigue, dryness, itching, and dry eye symptoms. Additionally, the indoor environment may be a risk factor for dry eye symptoms. There is a need to pay more attention to dry eye symptoms in all the hospitals in Chongqing province, the government, and the medical staff themselves.

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Mohd. Mizanur Rahman, L. X. M. Z. A. I. (2024). FACTORS AFFECTING DRY EYE SYMPTOMS AMONG MEDICAL STAFF IN CHONGQING HOSPITALS, CHINA. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1296–1298. Retrieved from http://obstetricsandgynaecologyforum.com/index.php/ogf/article/view/468

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