Optimizing Surgical Outcomes: Comparative Study of Incision Healing in General Surgery

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Dr Pratikesh Sanjay Patil , Dr. M.B. Bagwan , Dr Saurabh Prakash



The study investigated the comparative healing outcomes of surgical incisions in human abdominal skin, focusing on the PEAK PlasmaBlade, conventional electrosurgery, and a standard scalpel. Twenty women underwent abdominoplasty, with incisions made using each instrument. Various parameters including thermal injury depth, inflammatory response, burst strength, and scar width were analyzed post-surgery. Results revealed a significant reduction (74 percent) in acute thermal injury depth with the PlasmaBlade compared to conventional electrosurgery. At the 3-week mark, differences in inflammatory response were notable, particularly in CD3 and CD68 responses. PlasmaBlade incisions demonstrated superior burst strength compared to electrosurgery, reaching equivalence with the scalpel at specific time points. Scar width was comparable between the PlasmaBlade and the scalpel, and significantly less than that of electrosurgery. The study suggests that PlasmaBlade incisions offer advantages in terms of reduced thermal injury depth, inflammatory response, and scar width compared to electrosurgery. These findings highlight the potential benefits of the PlasmaBlade in general surgical procedures.


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Dr Saurabh Prakash, D. P. S. P. , D. M. B. ,. (2024). Optimizing Surgical Outcomes: Comparative Study of Incision Healing in General Surgery. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 996–1002. Retrieved from http://obstetricsandgynaecologyforum.com/index.php/ogf/article/view/409

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