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Firas Fadhil Abbas, Qusay Hasan Mansi



Background: Asthma is one of the most serious public health problems affecting people of all ages throughout the world. The incidence of asthma continues to increase worldwide and consequently; asthma places a huge economic burden on healthcare resources. It is about bouts in terms of breathing from coughing and chest whistling due to bronchoconstriction. And bronchi occur by three factors, namely: Spasm of his trachea. Swelling of the mucous membrane of the bronchi. Increased secretion of mucus and its accumulation inside the bronchi. Asthma may appear in childhood or youth, and if it begins in childhood, it affects the male more often females, but at a later age it affects women more than men.

Aim to effect of video education on parents' knowledge among asthmatic children.

Method: Qusi-experimental design study. A purposive, non-probability sample of (20) parents. All these parents who have asthmatic child were selected based on the study criteria, and after obtaining a consent from them. The research conducted at bint Alhuda Teaching Hospital in Al Nasiriya city.

A questionnaire and video has been adopted to meet and achieve the objectives of the study. The questionnaire consists of two parts; part one demographic characteristics and part two consist of Parents' knowledge among Asthmatic Children. Take information from parent before video education and after listen to video education in emergency unite.

Result: The results revealed that the majority of study sample age within age group (25-35) accounted for (90.0%) of sample, on the other hand regarding to the residence the most of participant were lives at rural area (65.0%). There are statistically significance differences between pre and posttest for study group at P < 0.05 

Conclusions: The developed educational video improved parent knowledge of asthmatic child for a facing communication barriers to quality asthma care.

Recommendation: The study should be generalized on a larger sample of parents of children with asthma to achieve better results.


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