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Nihal A. Kamal, Ula Al-Kawaz, Rana R Al. Saadi



Background: cryopreservation of semen is a technique that used to preserve sperm cells at low temperature, in liquid nitrogen at -196C. Autologous-PRP therapy is using in assisted reproductive technologies due to its well-known regenerative properties.

Objective: to investigate the effect of using autologous-PRP as a cryoprotective media on human spermato-zoa.

Materials and methods: 60 semen sample from normozoospermic male with their autologous-PRP prepared from their blood were collected at the same time of semen collection. All semen samples were tested macro and microscopically according to WHO (2010). Each sample divided into three groups (Control sample preserved with only cryomedia 0.7ml, Autologous-PRP sample 0.5ml, and mixed sample 0.5ml PRP + 0.7ml Cryomedia). Then preserve them into liquid nitrogen -196C for two months. After that, thawing in water bath 37C. then se-men parameters were evaluated and the results were compared.

Results: samples that preserved with cryomedia only, showed significantly lower concentration, total count (p<0.001) and progressively motile sperms percent (p=0.010). Also, there was significantly rise non-progressively motile sperms percent (p=0.007), insignificantly rise immotile sperms percent (p=0.207).

While samples that preserved with 0.5ml autologous-PRP alone proved there were significantly decrease con-centration, total count and progressively motile sperms percent (p< 0.001) Moreover, there were significantly in-crease non-progressively motile and immotile sperms percent (p< 0.001).

Conversely, mixed autologous-PRP 0.5 ml with cryomedia 0.7 ml reveal better results. There was significant de-crease concentration, total count (p<0.001), but there was no significant decrease percentage of progressively motile (p=0.208) or non-progressively motile sperm (p=0.768), and insignificant increase percentage of immotile sperm (p=0.157).

Conclusion: Autologous-PRP 0.5ml with cryomedia has better low significant effect on sperm parameters when used for semen cryopreservation and act as a co-factor.


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Rana R Al. Saadi, N. A. K. U. A.-K. (2024). USING OF AUTOLOGOUS PLATELET RICH PLASMA IN HUMAN SEMINAL FLUID CRYOPRESERVATION TECHNIQUE. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1602–1606. Retrieved from

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