Cyberknife Boost for Prostatic Carcinoma: Approaches in General Surgery

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Deshmukh Shantanu Diwakarrao, Dr. Nitin Nangare , Dr. Minal Pahuja


Numerous randomized trials have juxtaposed the efficacy of escalated doses of external beam radiation against a regimen involving external radiation followed by a brachytherapy boost in cases of locally advanced prostatic carcinomas. The findings consistently demonstrate the superiority of the latter approach. However, it is imperative to meticulously evaluate the biologically equivalent dose (BED) administered in such protocols, along with discerning the radiobiological disparities between the two modalities. Conventional fractionated external beam radiotherapy facilitates dose escalation but lacks the inherent radiobiological advantages of brachytherapy, which inherently delivers higher doses per fraction. Utilizing CyberKnife with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) as a boost overcomes this limitation, enabling safe dose escalation through external radiation. The efficacy of radiosurgical ablation in managing low-risk prostatic carcinomas is well-established. In our investigation, within the realm of general surgery, we scrutinized the local control rates and toxicity profiles of 31 patients diagnosed with high-risk prostatic adenocarcinoma. These patients underwent neoadjuvant hormone therapy followed by external beam radiation employing tomotherapy, complemented by a CyberKnife boost.

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Dr. Minal Pahuja, D. S. D. D. N. N. ,. (2024). Cyberknife Boost for Prostatic Carcinoma: Approaches in General Surgery. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 34(3s), 1075–1079. Retrieved from

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