Molar Pregnancy Management Through Ayurveda: A Case Study

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Dr K.P. Vinod Babu



Background: Fatal development is crucially monitored to anticipate and manage potential health issues during pregnancy. This study investigates the effects of Ayurvedic medicine on managing molar pregnancies, evaluating both fetal development and maternal health outcomes in a challenging clinical context.

Methods: This case study evaluates the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatments focused on balancing the vata and pitta supporting systemic health in a patient with a molar pregnancy, twin fetuses, and concurrent chemotherapy, tracking fetal growth through transabdominal ultrasound at multiple gestational 15, 18, 25, and 29 weeks of gestation.

Results: The study provided consistent data across both fetuses, showing normal growth patterns. By the 29th week, significant growth was noted: Twin A weighed 1359 grams with a of Biparietal Diameter (BPD), 7.83 cm, Head Circumference (HC) of 28.92 cm, and Abdominal Circumference (AC) of 24.21 cm; Twin B weighed 1599 grams with a BPD of 7.87 cm, HC of 28.08 cm, and AC of 26.53 cm. Both twins displayed steady increases in all measured parameters over the course of the study, with no major health issues detected.

Conclusion: The integration of Ayurvedic medicine with conventional prenatal care was associated with healthy fetal development in a twin pregnancy of the patient. Both fetuses demonstrated consistent growth within the normal range across all observed parameters. This study supports the potential benefits of a combined Ayurvedic and conventional care approach during pregnancy.


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